Air Conditioning Service

Preventative maintenance protects your comfort, wallet, and the enjoyment of your home. With quick and simple service from Ashley Heating, Air & Water Systems, you save money, avoid sudden malfunctions, protect against property damage, and benefit from a cleaner, healthier home. The cost and time involved is minimal, while the rewards continue to add up, year after year. Leave the work and worry up to the licensed and qualified professionals from Ashley Heating, Air & Water Systems, and we’ll provide a rewarding start-to-finish process.

Trane brand cooling system

Convenient A/C System Service

For all major manufacturers and models of cooling equipment, count on Ashley Heating, Air & Water Systems to enhance performance. State-of-the-art diagnostic tools, industry training at the highest levels, and years of hands-on experience add up a job well done. Founded in 1910, Ashley Heating, Air & Water Systems has faced every type of cooling-related challenge. We’ve seen the results of neglected maintenance, and we know exactly what it takes to keep your equipment running smoothly and reliably.

Some of the many benefits of seasonal cooling maintenance from Ashley Heating, Air & Water Systems include:

  • Convenience – Instead of reacting to a breakdown on the hottest night of the year, schedule an appointment that suits your busy schedule.
  • Energy Savings – Cleaning, adjustment, and troubleshooting ensures peak performance and restores maximum energy efficiency.
  • Lengthened Service Life – Identifying and correcting flaws within the system protects against wear and tear, and significantly extends longevity.
  • Home Protection – Timely inspection allows us to catch and fix problems that could lead to condensate leakage or overflow.
  • Greater Comfort – When all components are running at optimum capacity, you’ll enjoy greater dehumidification and cooling power.
  • Air Quality – Conscientious cleaning eliminates the mold, mildew, and bacteria that often thrives in the moist inner workings of cooling systems, preventing contamination of conditioned air.
  • Lower Cost – Correcting minor problems before they graduate into major malfunctions, restoring efficiency, and extending the unit’s lifespan, results in both lower cost of operation and ownership.
  • Warranty Fulfillment – Most manufacturers require a record of annual service for coverage.
  • Peace of Mind – Look forward to the upcoming summer with complete confidence, and take advantage of reliable performance from your cooling system.

Trust in Ashley Heating, Air & Water Systems for all your air conditioning service needs!