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You want to do more than get through the winter. You want to enjoy coming home and spending time in a perfectly warm indoor environment. Get comfortable and take advantage of outstanding energy efficiency and reliability with solutions from Ashley Heating, Air & Water Systems. We specialize in Trane brand heating options, bringing you a wide selection of tough and powerful equipment that quietly and dependably operates. Whether you’re looking for straightforward heating, or hoping to take advantage of state-of-the-art features, we offer variable-speed, single- or two-stage heating units, many of which are ENERGY STAR qualified, and all are built to last. Our fully licensed, insured, and qualified HVAC specialists will work with you to determine the right model for your household requirements and personal expectations. We custom design/build and meticulously implement a heating system that will change the way you face the upcoming winter.

Trane brand Heat Pump System

Reliable Heating Systems & Installation Service

Trane heating systems are designed to keep you perfectly warm, while minimizing energy use. These units are safe, environmentally friendly, and represent leading-edge industry advancements. When communicating technology is partnered with a fully modulating furnace, the result is ComfortLink II. ComfortLink II interfaces all crucial components, enabling the system to automatically charge, configure, and calibrate for ideal performance throughout its service lifetime. A variable-speed blower motor adapts capacity in response to changes in outdoor temperatures, ensuring a consistent flow of warm air and maintaining evenly distributed comfort. Adding Trane CleanEffects to the system enhances air filtration for superior removal of dust, pollen, and other allergens from conditioned air, resulting in a cleaner, fresher, and healthier indoor environment.

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The knowledgeable team from Ashley Heating, Air & Water Systems would be happy to provide the information you need, discuss options, and setup a convenient timetable for installation. Every project is carefully organized and managed to minimize disruption and ensure prompt, turnkey completion. We utilize only the highest quality materials, and have the training and experience to tackle any difficulty and get the job done right.