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Expecting a nice, hot shower, and getting an icy spray does more than ruin your day. Suddenly, you’re faced with inconvenience, unexpected expense, and possibly even the damage of flooding. Let Ashley Heating, Air & Water Systems simplify solutions. Making smart decisions regarding the repair, replacement, and installation of a residential hot water heater adds up to lower costs, greater efficiency, and satisfying reliability.
While there are numerous options for brands, sizes, fuel sources, and energy ratings, our qualified specialists match your needs to the right products and services for optimum results.

Rinnai Water Heater Unit

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Proper sizing and quality products are essential to the lifetime performance of your water heater. For maximum efficiency and a sufficient supply of hot water, Ashley Heating, Air & Water Systems factors in the size and demand of your household, the utilities, and the unit’s recovery rate. We ensure sufficient space is available for the height and width of the water heater. By recommending only premier equipment, we protect your investment with longer warranties, thicker insulation for less heat loss, reduced scale buildup, and larger elements or burners to speed up water heating. Through proper installation, we maximize value and overall satisfaction.

Find out if a tankless water heater is right for you!

While tankless water heaters come with a higher purchase price, the accumulated savings over the longer service life more than recovers the initial investment. These modern alternatives not only offer an extended longevity of over twenty years, they eliminate the standby energy costs of constantly reheating water stored in a tank. By heating water on demand, there’s no waiting for hot water and no running out of hot water. There’s no fear of flooding from a ruptured tank, and you’ll also enjoy water that has not absorbed minerals and contaminants from sitting in the tank. The expert technicians from Ashley Heating, Air & Water Systems will help you determine the ideal option for your home and family.

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If you should experience any problems with your water heater, it is not necessarily time for replacement. The specialists from Ashley Heating, Air & Water Systems provide prompt and accurate analysis, cost-effective recommendations, and skilled repair. We ensure an ample supply of clean, hot water, and answer your requirements with solutions that meet your most exacting demand and highest expectations. For emergency situations, our licensed technicians are always on-call to resolve the most complex challenges. Contact us for 24/7 assistance across Boise, Eagle, Garden City, Kuna, Meridian, Nampa & Star, ID.

American Standard Water Heater Unit