Water Purification

If you have concerns with the quality of your household water, Ashley Heating, Air & Water Systems has a solution that will fit your needs and change your life. From cooking, drinking, cleaning, and bathing, to the impact on your plumbing, appliances, and fixtures, the condition of your water is extremely important. When quality is compromised by heavy minerals or impurities, it costs you time, money, and enjoyment. The specialists from Ashley Heating, Air & Water Systems help you take proactive measures, recommending the right options to answer your water treatment needs. We make your regular routine easier and more pleasurable, by protecting the cleanliness of your water. For a variety of water quality challenges, we offer a full selection of advanced water treatment technologies.

RO Puremax II Water Purification Unit


Reverse Osmosis might look and sound like a complex system, but it is a simple, straightforward water filtration process that has been trusted for years. Installed at point-of-use in your home, the system features four stages of filtration to remove impurities and reduce contaminants. The rewarding result is fresh, clean drinking water without offensive odor or after-taste. The RO PureMAX II drinking system eliminates cumbersome and inefficient pour-through pitchers or faucet filters, providing a plentiful supply of superior-quality water directly from your tap. The average family of four can enjoy better tasting and smelling ice and beverages for approximately $0.25 per day. Partner the RO PureMAX II with any whole-house Reionator conditioning or SoftMAX softening system, and enhance the results of either system alone. At the same time, the conditioner or softener will defend the RO PureMAX II from hardness minerals that can clog the RO membrane.